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Privacy Policy


In general, a user:

  • - Can freely register only one account per person.
  • - Can post topics and answer other users.
  • - Has to select a valid section and name for the topic.
  • - Cannot post duplicates.
  • - Can upload files related to the topic.
  • - Should use code tags whenever it is desired.
  • - Cannot advertize and spam.
  • - Shall be polite to other members of this forum.
  • - Can report any errors related to the forum and its functionality.


Everyone can join this forum for free via registration page. One person can create only one account and is not allowed to duplicate them for whatever reason. Members with duplicates will be banned.

Every non-registered user can freely read all public topics but cannot post or reply.

Topics Publishing

Every registered user can post the topic and reply to other users. Users are advised to use proper, accurate and descriptive titles. Administrator or Moderator can ask topic founder to change the title when found unclear, otherwise, the topic will be closed or deleted.

Before posting the topic, choose wisely the topic directory and search for similar topics. Maybe, the question has already been answered.

Keep in mind that posting duplicates is not allowed and can lead to the topic deletion or a user ban.

Topics Content

Once a user decides to start a new topic, consideration of using following advices is highly recommended:

  • - It is allowed to upload files related to the topic. Attachments should have a reasonable size and resolution. Instead of uploading multiple files, consider using .zip file.
  • - Do not share any illegal content.
  • - Do not upload copyright content unless it is freely available.
  • - Post in English.
  • - Use code tags whenever it is desired.


All users shall be polite, respectful, helpful and follow general ethical rules. Do not insult others, post spam and advertisements, or ask non-sense questions.

Do not use CAPITAL letters and huge fonts for no reason, on the other hand, you can use emoticons and well-known abbreviations.

Do not contact others via because of advertising or paid help.

When you see a user breaking the rules, consider a direct report to the forum Administrator or Moderator.